Affordable Telepsychiatry 

for your Patients.

Only $15 per week.* 

No insurance necessary.
*Billed monthly

Psychopharmacology and medication management for depression and anxiety

We often recommend that our customers compliment our care with talk therapy.
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Quick Facts
Only $15 per week.
No insurance necessary.
Geography served
Anywhere in California

$15 per week for service.
• Billed monthly at $59 per month.
• Cash pay only. We aim to be affordable but do not accept any insurance for our services.

$20 or less for most cash pay meds.
• If a customer wants to use insurance to pay for their medication, they are welcome to have us prescribe to their own pharmacy.

Our clinicians are experienced licensed PMHNPs working under the supervision of a licensed Psychiatrist.

Visit cadence
• 45-minute initial video visit
• 20-minute follow-ups via video (up to 1x per month)
• Option to have additional video visits for $45 per visit
• In-depth asynchronous check-ins in between sessions to track symptoms and side effects

Patients we see
We are best suited for patients with:
• Depression
• Anxiety

We can take patients who have been diagnosed with these conditions, but we aren't able to treat them for anything besides their depression and/or anxiety:

Unable to take patients with
• Bipolar
• Borderline personality disorder
• Schizoaffective Disorder
• Schizophrenia
• Unspecified Psychosis
• Currently experiencing an eating disorder
• Past suicide attempts

Medications we can prescribe
$20 or less:
• Bupropion
• Buspirone
• Citalopram
• Duloxetine
• Escitalopram
• Fluoxetine
• Gabapentin
• Hydroxyzine
• Hydroxyzine Pamoate
• Mirtazapine
• Paroxetine
• Sertraline
• Trazodone
• Venlafaxine

More expensive:
• Brintellix
• Desvenlafax ER
• Fetzima
• Fluvoxamine
• Trintellix
• Viibryd

We can not prescribe
• Controlled substances
• Anything else not listed above
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